VFD ( Variable Frequency Drive Panels )

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Variable Frequency Drive Panel (VFD)

Variable Frequency Drive Panel (VFD)

The VFD Panels ( Variable Frequency drive panels ) also known as VFD Control Panels are designed to control the speed of the electric motor and feed pump. They are widely used in drilling, pumping and other large machine applications like Conveyor and Compressor.

Using a variable frequency drive ( VFD ) can save you on energy costs and consumption. VFDs can also tighten processes, reduce maintenance, increase production, and prolong the life of your equipment

1.) Power switching & protection VFD panels usually host a circuit breaker or a relay that can trip in-case the input power line is struck by any fault such as short-circuit, overload, etc. This protects the drive as well as any equipment connected to the line.
2.) Adjustable speed Usually, the VFD panel’s door has a frequency control potentiometer installed to transmit command signals to the motor as per the operator’s settings. A bypass switch is located nearby to allow functioning of the motors incase the VFD fails.
3.) Protection from Environment This is one of the major concerns for any control engineer as manufacturing units are filled with moisture, dirt, etc. that can result in short-term as well as long-term issues. Most commonly chemical buildup on open-connections can result in reduced performance while dirt accumulation can lead to shorter lifespan for the drive.
4.) Visual Control VFD panels aren’t deployed only for protection against harsh conditions. A number of field indicators are installed to gain real-time information about the drive’s power consumption, frequency and other diagnostic information that is essential for the operator. In addition, controls are embedded to allow the operator to shift the frequency or take precautionary action based on the monitored values
VFD wiring diagram showing power in, power out, and control device connections. Readers should consult and follow the VFD and motor manufacturers' wiring diagrams and instructions to ensure correct and safe installation and operation.